Limited slots for pre opening rates!



  • Unlimited Class Bookings

  • All Studio Access Worldwide

  • No Contract, No Risk!




  • Unlimited Class Bookings

  • All Studio Access Worldwide

  • 3 Months Minimum Term




  • Unlimited Class Bookings

  • All Studio Access Worldwide

  • No Contract, No Risk!

  • 6 Months Minimum Term


$75 one time payment

  • Unlimited Class Bookings for 2 weeks!

  • Access to BFT Orchard

  • Does not auto renew.

  • Starts from first booking only (pay now, use later)

All Memberships offer the same benefits, Unlimited Classes, No lock in, and All Studio Access!

  • One week deposit will be debited after sign up

  • Billing will be fortnightly, and recurring billing will only start when the studio opens. (7 days after the studio opens as 1 week has already been paid)

  • Foundation memberships not eligible if you have held a recurring BFT membership at any studio.

  • All BFT Memberships are bound to the sign up "Home" Studio for at least 30 days. After 30 days the membership will allow "all studio access" and bookings

  • Memberships may be paused for up to 6 weeks at a time, and up to 12 weeks total in a year.

  • 2 weeks notice required for cancellations


We are straight forward and transparent with all our plans.

We want you to come experience, see results and fall in love with the training BFT offers.

We have no interest in forcing members into lengthy contracts they don't utilise

95% of our members come regularly 5/6 days a week religiously, and sometimes multiple sessions a day.

You will make new friends and belong to a community

This is the one gym membership you will make full use of and make full value!